7 Very Important Things To Look For In An Apartment

Its common you are bound to get flabbergasted when its comes to property buying be it for investment or for your own usage, but we can never deny the universal truth that money does grow on real estate. Its of utmost importance we keep few things in our mind while looking for an apartment.

Provident Woodfield E city

1. Pricing: The very basic and initial step in these sector is to do a very detail research about the market, the trends, which properties are in demand, how the valuation going to effect in near future, whether you will be able to afford the emi or not should be taken into consideration.

2. Location: All those newspaper ad may seems very lucrative  with features like “close to nature” and “well connected”, but its always better to be safe than sorry, because accessibility is critical aspect while buying an apartment .

3. Legal papers: This really runs deep in our system isn’t it,its always good to verify the legal paper which include land use conversions, construction approval, occupancy certificate, status of tax payment before hand before making any promises, though how much of a good deal, it may look like.

4. Rera compliance: Though there is lot of hue and cry right now with this rera compliance, some states have taken this matter seriously, by publishing defaulter’s list, so keep a eye on it.

5. Bank Financing: One of the major aspect to check for when you are buying an apartment, which are the banks financing it, check for nationalized bank’s involvement with the property.

6. Brand & Builder: Post demonetization has forced many builder to give lucrative offer in payment,always check if those things are for real, some do offer buy back schemes,but how real are they so keep an open eye to it, therefore its always advisable to go for good brands and trusted builders.

7. Timely Delivery and Amenities: Lot’s of promises are being made while attracting customer, about timely delivery and completion of the property with all the amenities, before buying make sure to do a detail research on these aspects as well or you always check with Houseey swap to take care of all your concerns while buying an apartment as they provide end to end services on this, by being the most trusted company in the market.

If you dont have time to do research while buying an apartment then go for an investment in plots. One plotted development is going to launch in electronic city with the name of Provident woodfield (click to know more).

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